Carenotes to Play Major Role in Paperless Transformation

The new Carenotes EPR system is part of a digital revolution intended to improve mental health services across the United Kingdom.

And St Pancras Hospital is among the first health facilities to benefit from this sophisticated system, with Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust leading the way with the technology.

The hospital has already gone live with the Carenotes system, ensuring that patients are provided with a superior service at the healthcare facility.

Carenotes is a leading Electronic Patient Record system produced by Advanced Health & Care.

Since going live, the solution has already helped the Camden-based hospital to meet a raft of ambitious delivery targets.

Carenotes played a particularly important role in the completion of a focused two-year project within the hospital.

The new Carenotes system enables staff to view patient records more expediently, enabling staff to make quicker and more informed legal decisions.

It is expected that the increased data access facilitated by the Carenotes system will enable more accurate clinical decisions to be made owing to the increased data accessibility allowed.

In addition, it is also hoped that the software will facilitate more consistent working processes within hospitals, providing efficient and joined up multi-agency working.

St Pancras Hospital has already reported improved patient care and satisfaction, based on surveys of existing operations, and it is projected that this could spread to the rest of the UK in time.

Wendy Wallace, chief executive of the trust, took time out of her busy schedule in order to explain the benefits of the system as perceived by the Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust.

“Our ambition is to lead a digital revolution to provide better overall patient care to thousands of people with mental health conditions. By working in partnership with Advanced to meet tight project timescales, we now move this vision closer to reality,” Wallace explained.

Wallace was also keen to emphasise that the implementation of this new ambitious patient record system has certainly been a success, despite the fact that it is still in its embryonic stages.

“Our successful ‘go live’ is not only a great achievement for the technical teams, but also for all our staff who have committed to training in the new Carenotes system. I’ve been particularly impressed by the network of highly-enthusiastic champions that have stepped forward to support their colleagues and the trust. User confidence is one of the keys to a successful transition and we are clearly demonstrating this now,” Wallace asserted.

The Camden and Islington trust has moved quickly to recruit 165 ‘Carenotes Champions’ to smooth the process of transitioning to this software.

This group of people comprises staff volunteers, and enables personal skills and management experience across the organisation to be developed significantly.

David Jackland, associate director of ICT at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust, is pleased about the impact that Carenotes is making. “To deliver a project of this scale is a remarkable achievement. Everyone’s considerable efforts have been rewarded,” Jackland noted.

As the NHS continues its transformation to a paperless organisation, systems such as Carenotes can play a major role in the transition.


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