Budget Announced for Health and Dare Devolution Team in Greater Manchester

It has been announced that the health and care evolution team in greater Manchester will be earmarked an annual budget worth £7.7 million.

The majority of this figure will be invested in staff salaries for the department, with 270 staff working within this team.

Most of the employees of the health and care evolution team have been seconded from NHS England, NHS Improvement and Public Health England.

Approximately £6.5 million of the budget will cover wage costs for the team, with only 15% representing additional costs on top of what was being spent on staff within the other bodies.

The executive team has been assembled over the last six months, and the full structure is set to be in place from April.

It is headed by chief officer Jon Rouse, whose salary is £142,000.

Costs will largely be drawn from the £450 million transformation fund in the greater Manchester region, with clinical commissioning groups and local authorities also making contributions in the first two years of its existence.

Commenting on the matter, a paper published on the process indicated that the funding represents the “increased cost of delivering a significantly wider remit under devolved arrangements than that delivered as an NHS England local office”.

The paper continued by explaining the importance of recruitment in the process of setting up this new health and care evolution team.

“The recruitment to these key posts within the partnership team is essential to ensure the delivery of the partnership vision and to oversee the implementation of the transformational programmes. Recruitment to the full team will also ensure that the key skills required in the next phase of the delivery of the strategic plan are embedded within the team itself and not reliant on external resources. This will provide increased value for money as well as supporting the development of a sustainable highly skilled local workforce.”


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