Altrincham Hospital Commended by Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission has assessed Altrincham Hospital as being ‘good’ in its overall operation.

Altrincham Hospital is a new facility which provides a high quality, modern and user-friendly environment for patients and staff and a wide range of general and specialist outpatient and diagnostic services.

The independent regulator recently assessed the care provided at the hospitals and community services which are run by Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, of which Altrincham Hospital is one.

After an extensive examination of the trust, it was also afforded an overall rating of ‘good’, with both Altrincham Hospital and the Trafford General institution also receiving the same grading.

The report followed a planned inspection by the Care Quality Commission in November, with a further unplanned hospital visit taking place on 23rd November, in accordance with the new commission policy of increasing unannounced visits.

Following the inspection, the Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust indicated that the Care Quality Commission inspection had identified “many examples of outstanding practice across a range of specialties and a deep commitment to the innovative and active development of services, and to research”.

Both Altrincham and Trafford General, were commended by the Care Quality Commission for “their commitment to providing outstanding compassionate care to their patients”, with the quality of the staffing at the institutions particularly strongly recognised.

Also commended was the Minor Injuries Unit at Altrincham Hospital which facilitates diagnosis and discharge.

The production of dialysate fluid for renal patients on site to reduce costs and the unit’s carbon footprint were also particularly praised at Altrincham Hospital.

Meanwhile, the training of staff received explicit accreditation, with the training programme and competency assessment for renal patients who want to dialyse at home praised by the Care Quality Commission.

Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust chairman Steve Mycio commented on the issue, and took the opportunity to praise staff in the region for continuing to deliver an excellent quality of care to patients.

“The report is an acknowledgement of the tremendous commitment, dedication and hard work shown by all of our staff to delivering the highest quality patient care. We can all be proud of this fantastic achievement and we will build on this and strive for even better in the future.”


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