700 Operations Cancelled at NHS Grampian due to Sub-Par Conditions

Official figures indicate that over 700 operations at NHS Grampian have been cancelled already this year.

Lack of beds, staff and clean equipment have all been cited as being problematical.

Between January and October, 735 operations at the health board were cancelled for non-clinical or capacity reasons.

This compares to the 808 operations cancelled by the NHS Grampian in the same period for clinical reasons, such as an ill patient, or the patient not being prepared for the procedure properly by the hospital.

The rate of non-clinical cancellations in the region have risen steadily over the past six months, reaching 83 in October, up from 79 in September, and 59 the previous month.

MSP Mike Rumbles believes that such issues are becoming too common, and called on the healthcare authorities to address the situation rapidly.

“Cancellations for non-clinical reason have risen steadily over the past six months. Regular shortfalls in the amount of beds, staff and resources to care for patients in NHS Grampian is symptomatic of the challenges to our health service in Scotland after a decade of having the SNP in charge.”

But a spokeswoman for NHS Grampian stated that the health board are sometimes left with no other option but to cancel.

“Postponement of an operation is never a decision that is taken lightly and we will always explore every opportunity to avoid this situation. In Grampian there are more than 30,000 operations carried out each year and the number postponed is a very, very small percentage of cases, usually as few as between 1% and 2%.”

The spokeswoman went on to outline that the authorities are sympathetic towards the concerns of patients in this area.

“However, we fully understand that a cancelled operation can cause disruption and inconvenience for patients which is why we are committed to keeping their number to an absolute minimum. “Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances can occasionally which mean we are left with no alternative. In these cases we do our best to give patients as much notice as possible. It is also important to stress these figures relate to planned operations and not procedures carried out in an emergency.”

Recent data has indicated that the NHS is tending to miss the majority of performance targets against which it is measured.


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