Nurses Considering Strike Over Derisory Pay Offer

The nursing profession is seriously considering striking over low pay, with the largest nursing union claiming that it is effectively driving people away from the profession. In order to assess enthusiasm for a strike, the Royal College of Nursing has balloted its 270,000 members across the UK regarding industrial action. This would be an unprecedented event, as the union had never called a strike previously. The poll will be open until 7th May, at which time of the union will announce whether... Readmore

Chief Nursing Officer for England Unveils Fast Track Programme

A new fast track ‘Nurse First’ programme has been announced, with Chief Nursing Officer for England, Professor Jane Cummings, backing the scheme. The aim of the initiative is to attract high achieving graduates into a career in nursing. It is already known that the NHS will be treating increasing numbers of people and caring for an ageing population in the coming years. This will necessitate more complex needs, and thus attracting and keeping staff will become even more important. With... Readmore

NHS England to Launch New Nursing Training Programme

As concerns grow over nursing shortages caused by Brexit, NHS England has announced a new training program with the intention of addressing the situation. The Chief Executive of NHS England, Simon Stevens, has already conceded that the healthcare system is hugely reliant on international professionals. This includes around 12,000 nurses who are EU nationals, a significant proportion of the 350,000 total nurses on the NHS payroll. Speaking to the BBC, Stevens asserted that the training program... Readmore

New Scheme Aims to Reduce Bed Blocking Expense by £1 Billion

A radical new plan intended to save the NHS £1 billion by reducing the amount of bed-blocking in the healthcare system has been unveiled. This new initiative involves 35,000 new and specially-converted properties intended for those hospitalised over the age of 16. In order to run the new scheme, the NHS will liaise with local social services. The aim is to ensure that patients who have no medical need to be based in hospital can be safely looked after without being forced to return to their... Readmore

Royal College of Nursing Criticises Nursing Associates Plan

The Royal College of Nursing has strongly criticised the plants of an NHS trust to replace over 20 registered nursing posts with associates. East and North Hertfordshire Trust has denied that the policy represents the substitution of nurses, pointing to the fact that the posts in question are currently vacant. But Janet Davies, Royal College of Nursing chief executive, believes that the decision is a worrying move, and that replacing nurses with associates would ultimately lead to diminished... Readmore

Health Visitors and Nurse School Numbers Show Slump

New data indicates that the number of health visitors working within the NHS system has fallen significantly over the last 12 months. This figure has diminished by 9% in the space of just one year, leading to concern among senior nurses. There had been some recent success in recruiting new nurses to the profession, but fears now abound that the workforce could return to the dangerous low levels experienced previously. And data has also emerged which reveals that NHS school nurses slumped... Readmore

Nursing Applications Plummet by 23% Following Bursary Decision

The first figures on nursing and midwifery since the government decided to abolish bursaries for NHS applicants indicate that the number of students apply has fallen by nearly one-quarter. The 23% slump revealed by university application data indicates the impact of student nurses being forced to pay annual tuition fees in excess of £9,000. Janet Davies, the general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, is under no illusions regarding the gloomy future for the profession. “These... Readmore

Research Indicates EU Nurse Migration Slowing Down

Official data indicates that the rate at which EU nurses are migrating to the British healthcare system has declined. And the rate of descent in this statistic has increased significantly since the Brexit referendum. Figures from the Nursing and Midwifery Council indicate that the number of EU nurses being admitted on to its register fell from 1,304 in July to 761 in August. And underlining the extent of the decline, only 100 nurses joined the NHS from EU nations in December. This meant... Readmore

Health Boards Forced to Pay £1,500 for Solitary Nursing Shift

New data indicates that two health boards were forced to pay in excess of £1,500 for agency nurses in order to recover solitary hospital shifts. NHS Lanarkshire spent £1,565 on a single shift in 2015-16, while the largest amount paid by NHS Lothian in the past three years was £1,528. Defending spending on nursing in the Scottish healthcare system, Health Secretary Shona Robison pointed to the fact that agency bills were down 11% in 10 years. Other health boards forced to pay more than... Readmore

NHS Acute Hospitals Failing to Meet Nursing Staff Targets

A major investigation into nursing has indicated that almost every acute hospital in England is currently failing to meet staffing targets. 96% of the 214 acute hospitals that responded to the survey are currently failing to achieve their nursing staff targets. While 85% missed their target for nurses working at night in the same month. This decline in nurses can be considered particularly worrying, as it comes in a climate in which there are record numbers of nurses recruited to the acute... Readmore

Senior Nurse Speaks Out on NHS Pressures

One of England’s most senior nurses has said the pressures facing the health service, including nurse shortages, are the worst she has ever seen. Ruth May, executive director of nursing at NHS Improvement, believes that the situation is extremely serious, and not enough is being done to retain staff. The nursing director also indicated that it is difficult to recruit nurses and staff from India and other non-EU countries under existing British legislation. The Royal College of Nursing... Readmore

Royal College of Nursing Believes NHS Conditions are at a New Low

The Royal College of Nursing has indicated that its members believed that conditions in the NHS are currently the worst that they have ever experienced. This clearly meshes with the experience of doctors, as 50 leading individuals in the profession have penned an open letter to the Prime Minister warning that lives are currently being put at risk due to mounting pressures. Janet Davies, chief executive at the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), indicated that frontline of nurses have been consulted... Readmore
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