Hunt to Announce Overhaul of NHS Litigation Authority

Jeremy Hunt has announced a major overhaul of the NHS Litigation Authority. The health secretary intends to reduce the number of clinical negligence cases, while enabling the healthcare system to improve understanding as well. A rebranding of the organisation will also take place, with NHS Resolution to be the new name of the authority from 1st April. More resources will also be invested in ensuring that maternity-related cases are dealt with earlier. Knowledge sharing and spreading best... Readmore

Ministers Divulge Five Separate Investigations into Misplaced Correspondence

Ministers have conceded for the first time that the scandal over 500,000 pieces of confidential medical correspondence has triggered five separate investigations. Jeremy Hunt had admitted recently that the NHS misplaced approximately 515,000 pieces of correspondence. These were largely test results and letters from doctors, and the disclosure prompted the allegation that the government had engaged in a massive cover-up in order to hide this issue. And these calls will only increase following... Readmore

Commons Health Committee Warns of NHS Reform Failure

The head of the Commons health committee has warned that NHS reforms aimed at improving patient safety will fail without an emergency rescue package being included in the budget. Dr Sarah Wollaston, the Member of Parliament for the constituency of Totnes, and Chair of the Health Select Committee in the House of Commons, has called on the government to announce serious investment in next week's crucial political announcement. Wollaston has urged her own party's chancellor, Philip Hammond, to reverse... Readmore

Financial Crisis Undermining Care Plans MPs Assert

A new report by MPs suggests that plans to move NHS care out of hospitals into community and primary care settings are being undermined by financial difficulties. The study has been authored by the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee, and the organisation suggests that the continuing deterioration in NHS finances is simply unsustainable. And the financial situation across the health service has worsened considerably since previous reports were filed in 2015 and last year, according to the latest... Readmore

25% of Diagnostic Tests Unnecessary According to Scottish Chief Medical Officer

The chief medical officer for Scotland has suggested that around one-quarter of the diagnostic tests conducted in the nation are neither “appropriate nor necessary". Dr Catherine Calderwood believes that medics in the nation have been guilty of over-treatment, and that something of a ''doctor knows best" culture has developed. Calderwood believes that “shared decision-making and reducing harmful and wasteful care" should become central to the NHS ethos going forward. The chief medical... Readmore

NHS Fife to Receive Additional Funding

The health secretary in Scotland has announced that NHS Fife will receive over £17 million in additional funding in the coming financial year. But Shona Robison indicated that this extra money will only be provided in exchange for reformation of healthcare services. The increase in funding represents nearly 30% of the overall budget, and includes additional monies for social care. And millions will be invested in social care, with local health and social care partnerships then required... Readmore

Shadow Health Secretary Suggests NHS at ‘Bursting Point’

The Shadow health secretary has asserted that the NHS has reached 'bursting point'. Jonathan Ashworth asserted that the fact that the health service has failed to achieve its bed occupancy targets for five years in succession is indicative of a total breakdown in healthcare. Hospitals in England have exceeded the 85% target, which aims to reduce infection rates, in every quarter leading up to this winter. The target exists to give staff time to clean beds properly and to ensure they can quickly... Readmore

NHS Digital Chair Sceptical on Five Year Forward View Progress

The chair of NHS Digital believes that it will be difficult for the healthcare system to deliver the ambitious productivity targets necessitated by the Five Year Forward View. Kingsley Manning’s report on the NHS suggests that current plans may be insufficient to deliver the long-term sustainability intended. Manning left NHS digital last year, but now works as a private healthcare consultant. And having analysed the current performance and future plans of the NHS and its sustainability... Readmore

Report on Sustainability and Transformation Questions Government Plans

A report on the ongoing sustainability and transformation plans suggests that the government needs to make changes to its overarching policy in order to achieve the best possible results. The King's Fund suggests that sustainability and transformation presents “an opportunity to move care closer to home and moderate demand for hospital services”. But the think tank also asserts that the government has failed to invest sufficiently in out-of-hospital care, while cuts to social care and public... Readmore

Charity Chiefs Insistent on NHS Rationing

A raft of charities have criticised the Prime Minister Theresa May for denying NHS treatment to some of the most vulnerable people in society. Thirty major charities have collaborated in a clarion call to the Prime Minister to properly fund social care in particular when the Budget statement is made next month. Those involved include the Teenage Cancer Trust, National AIDS Trust and Motor Neurone Disease Association. And campaigning groups described the treatment of the Conservative party... Readmore

British Medical Association Calls for Immediate £9.5 Billion NHS Investment

The British Medical Association has suggested that modernising and securing the future of the health service in England could cost in the region of £10 billion. And the authoritative organisation was quick to point out that the healthcare system simply does not have these funds at present. In an attempt to address the future of the NHS system, health managers in 44 areas across the country have been tasked with creating sustainability and transformation plans (STPs). But the BMA believes... Readmore

Ipsos MORI Poll Outlines Public Concern Regarding the NHS

A new poll conducted by the authoritative Ipsos MORI organisation suggests that public concerns regarding the healthcare system have reached the highest level in almost 15 years. Nearly half of those questioned by Ipsos Mori believed that the challenges facing the NHS system can be considered one of the most important issues in Britain. Although Brexit was considered the most important issue in the UK, the almost intrinsic relationship between Brexit and the NHS means that the situation is doubly... Readmore
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