Government Sets 40% Target for Weekend Services

The government has laid out its latest plans for the seven-day NHS policy introduced by former PM David Cameron. According to new guidance, practices must be made available at evenings or weekends to around 50% of the population by the end of 2017. The guidelines come in the form of new mandate plans which confirm that the government is indeed pushing forward with its seven-day GP opening scheme. Around 40% of the population will gain access to enhanced GP services by the end of the financial... Readmore

NHS England Extends Support for GPs on Rising Indemnity Costs

NHS England has announced increased support for those GPs struggling to deal with the rising cost of indemnity payments. The healthcare organisation has made this provision with the intention of ensuring greater access to doctors for patients across the country. In order to work towards the same, the 2016 Winter Indemnity Scheme will be extended by a month to 17th April. This will enable GPs to work additional shifts, particularly over the Easter Bank Holiday, without the burden of additional... Readmore

Doctors to be Tied to NHS for More Than Five Years

New Department of Health proposals will see newly-qualified doctors tied to the NHS system for more than five years. The new initiative will also see greater focus placed on GP training in an attempt to improve the plight of general practice. Consultations are forthcoming with doctors on whether a military-style minimum term should be introduced. The government has already committed to increasing the number of undergraduate placements available in an attempt to increase the number of homegrown... Readmore

GPs in Scotland to Vote Over Contract Funding Changes

Doctors in Scotland are set to vote on whether they are agreeable to changes to funding proposed as part of the new contract in the nation. The new contractual terms will become active from 2018, if indeed GPs in the nation approve the contractual terms. Delegates at the 2017 Scottish LMCs conference in Clydebank demanded on Friday that practice incomes are protected during the transition period to a new Scottish GP contract. Proposing the motion, Dr Paul Ryan from Glasgow LMC indicated... Readmore

£250 Million Increase in Funding for Scottish GPs Announced

It has been revealed that funding for general practice will be increased by £250 million annually by 2021. Meanwhile, increases in funding worth £71 million will be instigated in the forthcoming financial year. These figures were revealed by Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Sport Shona Robison at the Scottish LMCs conference. The additional funding announced at the conference represents around 50% of the £500 million rise in overall funding for primary care that was previously... Readmore

CQC Confirms Massive GP Practice Fee Hike

The Care Quality Commission has indicated that annual fees for average-sized GP practices will increase quite significantly from April. Care Quality Commission fees will rise by £4,526 annually, with the watchdog to recover such costs from providers. A deal agreed as part of the GP contract will see fees reimbursed in full for the forthcoming financial year. And practices will be expected to pay their fees upfront and invoice their local NHS England team. But GP leaders have been strongly... Readmore

NHS England officials Offer Core Hours Outline

NHS England officials have given indication of the way that core hours will operate in the forthcoming GP contract. And the authorities have also stated that there will be no so-called ‘big bang’ contract reform in the 2018/19 financial year. Nonetheless, the forthcoming contract will see the requirements for core hours tightened significantly. NHS England Director of Primary Care Ros Roughton told MPs at a House of Commons Public Accounts Committee hearing that guidance will be explicitly... Readmore

GP Leaders in Northern Ireland Advance Mass Resignation Plans

Doctors' leaders in Northern Ireland have announced that scheduled resignation plans will go ahead, despite the obvious concerns of the authorities. The hierarchy of these organisations believe that this drastic action is the only way to prevent general practice being destroyed. There have been massive problems in general practice across the United Kingdom, with the situation considered particularly serious in Northern Ireland. Undated resignations have been submitted to the General Practitioners... Readmore

GP Contract Funding for Wales to Rise by £27 Million

A new deal for GP contract funding in Wales will see the amounts made available rise by £27 million in the forthcoming financial year. The figure was announced in a deal brokered by Health Secretary Vaughan Gething, and announced at the 2017 Welsh LMCs conference in Newport. In addition to the £27 million figure, there will also be a 2.7% increase for GP pay and expenses. Central to this will be a 1% pay hike for GPs, with a further 1.4% intended to cover the rising costs associated with... Readmore

Increasing Training Time in GP Placements has Positive Recruitment Outcome

Research suggests that training time in general practice placements should be considered extremely important for the medical profession. Increasing the amount of time spent on such placements can lead to more medical students choosing GP careers, ultimately assisting with the workforce crisis in this area. Findings published in the British Journal of General Practice suggests a strong correlation between the amount of time spent in general practice during training and later career destination. This... Readmore

Health Education England Makes GP Training Promise

As Health Education England poises itself to deal with a 20% cut to its overall running costs, the body has nonetheless assured healthcare professionals that GP training budgets will be unaffected. There are already massive concerns about funding for general practice, and Health Education England has moved to end any escalation of such worries. Thus, the existing £500 million spend on GP training will be retained throughout the 2017/18 financial year. It is considered important to retain... Readmore

NHS England Assessment Outlines GP Financial Struggles

And assessment of the state of NHS finances has discovered that around 800 surgeries in the country face average losses in excess of £50,000 annually under the national PMS contract review. And nearly 200 are at risk of being unable to manage these losses safely in order to deliver adequate services to patients. PMS cuts are intended to reduce the funding of general practice by £235 million. The review on the national PMS process began back in 2014, and was supposed to have been completed... Readmore
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