NHS to Expand Rationing for Smokers and the Obese

Reports have indicated that NHS leaders intend to extend the rationing of treatment for smokers and obese patients. A leaked letter has been acquired by the press, with NHS bodies across England seemingly forced to implement restrictions on access to treatment. The plan is outlined in a letter sent on 15th March by Dr David Black, NHS England’s medical director for Yorkshire and the Humber, to Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group. Within the letter, Black praises the GP-led group that... Readmore

Cancer Research UK Cites Obesity in Kidney Cancer Cases

Cancer Research UK believes that obesity can be blamed for a surge in kidney cancer in Britain. The charity indicates that approximately 20,000 additional cases in the last 10 years can be traced back to Britain's bulging waistlines. New cases of kidney cancer have risen rather alarmingly, with Cancer Research UK stating that such conditions have escalated by 40% over the last past decade. Obesity is implicated in approximately one-quarter of kidney cancers, with smoking also cited in relation... Readmore

11 Year-Old Given Medical Marijuana in NHS First

An 11 year-old child has been provided with medical marijuana on the NHS in what is believed to be the first ever prescription of its kind. Epileptic Billy Caldwell had travelled to the United States on a regular basis in order to medicate up to 100 daily seizures. Cannabis oil had been provided by doctors in America, but when he was unable to travel to Los Angeles in order to require more, Dr Brendan O’Hare provided Caldwell with CBD oil. This is a derivative of cannabis that does not contain... Readmore

NHS Leaders Welcome Update to NHS Contract

GP leaders believe that an update to the standard NHS contract will have a positive effect on attempts to prevent hospitals from dumping work on GP surgeries. The new provisions in the contract could potentially save millions of appointments, easing the pressure on the beleaguered general practice system. Change to the contract have become operational from 1st April, with the aim of preventing hospitals from inappropriately transferring standard responsibilities to GP practices. Fit notes,... Readmore

NHS England Announces New Sugar Limits

NHS England will ban sugary drinks from hospital shops in the next year unless suppliers are able to take voluntary steps outlined by the authorities. The measures are intended to reduce the consumption of sugary drinks on NHS premises. Leading retailers have already agreed to cut the proportion of sugary drinks to 10% or less of total sales, according to NHS England. This is to be achieved in the next 12 months, otherwise the new restrictions will come into place. NHS England has also... Readmore

Concern Over Funding Cut for Continuing Healthcare Programme

A raft of charities have indicated that they are concerned about the reduction in funding for a Continuing Healthcare improvement programme. Fourteen member charities of the Continuing Healthcare Alliance have written to Professor Jane Cummings, NHS England’s chief nursing officer, in order to voice their displeasure. “We are very concerned that one of the [programme’s] key aims seems to be to reduce the money spent on NHS CHC. We cannot unreservedly support any project where one of the aims... Readmore

Asylum Seekers and Migrants Wrongly Denied NHS Healthcare

Doctors and campaigners have warned that thousands of asylum seekers and migrants are being wrongly denied NHS healthcare. This can even being the case for those suffering from serious, life-threatening conditions such as cancer and heart disease. Current guidance indicates that no-one should be refused urgent NHS treatment due to an inability to pay. Yet many undocumented migrants with urgent care needs have been turned away by hospitals. Even GP surgeries have rejected migrants owing... Readmore

Health Leaders Call for NHS Focus in General Election

As the momentum heading towards a general election begins to build, health leaders have warned politicians to make the NHS a priority in campaigning. The announcement by Theresa May of a general election in June was generally considered to be a shock, although the strategic reasons for the decision appeared to be clear. Despite the sudden nature of the election call, May's conservative party are currently 1/14 with many bookmakers to secure a majority. Thus, by calling the election, May is almost... Readmore

NHS Experiences Worst Winter Crisis on Record Figures Show

Official figures have confirmed that the recent winter was the worst on record for the NHS. In particular, there was a 100,000 patient rise in the number left waiting over 18 weeks for surgery. This represented at 8.9% increase on the same period last year. In total, 367,094 patients were waiting this long in February, the monthly figures show, compared with 263,589 a year earlier. Thousands of operations were cancelled during the winter period following Accident and Emergency departments... Readmore

Health Secretary Orders Investigation Into Baby Deaths in the Midlands

Jeremy Hunt has ordered an investigation into deaths of babies at an NHS trust in the Midlands. Seven of these deaths have been judged as avoidable by coroners. Hunt made this unusual move after numerous bereaved families criticised the quality and safety of maternity care at the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS trust. NHS England and NHS Improvement will investigate the deaths, particularly as there is evidence that they were inappropriately explored at the time. Five of the deaths... Readmore

PrEP Made Available for HIV Sufferers in Scotland

PrEP is to be made available in Scotland, with AIDS campaigners suggesting that the English authorities should now follow suit. Two major court rulings have previously forbade this process, but it is hoped that the authorities will now make the medicine available for HIV sufferers in other British nations. The Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) decided to make PrEP free on the NHS to those who could require the drug. Access to the medication could begin within the next few weeks. NHS... Readmore

MPs and Patient Groups Critical of Disability Benefit Process

Both MPs and patient groups are calling for an end to the repeated assessments that people with progressive diseases must endure in order to qualify for disability benefits. Conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and motor neurone disease are affected by this process. Those applying for disability benefits and suffering with these conditions will be retested later this year in order to decide whether they will should still be considered eligible for a personal... Readmore
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