Breakdown of North East Compensation Figures for 2016/17

City Hospitals Sunderland  2014/15 - £4,999,118 2015/16 - £9,551,056 County Durham & Darlington 2014/15 - £5,641,747 2015/16 - £15,080,417 Gateshead 2014/15 - £2,497,625 2015/16 - £4,546,957 Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals  2014/15 - £12,063,576 2015/16 - £10,714,215 North East Ambulance Service 2014/15 - £79,127 2015/16 - £112,729 Northumbria Healthcare 2014/15 - £4,739,303 2015/16 - £7,323,200 Northumberland, Tyne and Wear 2014/15... Readmore

Depression Now Leading Cause of Global Health Disability

The World Health Organisation states that depression is now the leading cause of ill health and disability globally. There has been a massive increase in the number of people who report symptoms of depression, leading the World Health Organisation to draw this conclusion. Previously, respiratory disease was considered to be the largest world health difficulty. But the latest figures suggest that over 300 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with depression. This represents an increase... Readmore

Two Million Patient Records Cross-Checked by London Trust

A major London trust has been forced to cross-check two million patient records following concerns over the inadvertent termination of care pathways. An investigation is underway at St George’s University Hospitals Foundation Trust in south west London following what has been reported as a widespread data entry failure on the electrical medical record system at the trust. Following the widespread review, the trust has identified nearly 130,000 high risk patients who are currently being prioritised... Readmore

Government Concedes that NHS Requires £1 Billion Bailout Over Compensation Payments

The NHS will require a bailout in the region of £1 billion in order to meet the growing liabilities of the health service related to higher personal injury compensation payments. This large figure will be necessitated due to changes in medical negligence legislation. Downing Street confirmed the figure in a statement. The requirement is considered particularly onerous in the existing financial climate for the health service. For example, £1 billion would pay for the 7,000 podiatrists... Readmore

New Mental Health Framework Advocated for Muslims

A new NHS project suggests that Muslims with mental health issues could be treated via a differing framework. Leeds University researchers found that Muslim patients re-embracing their beliefs and religious teachings had a positive impact on mental health outcomes. Although therapists have traditionally refused to embrace religion as part of treatment, it is suggested that this approach may be misguided. The project conducted in Leeds is "showing some individual signs of success", researchers... Readmore

Demonstrators Form Ring Around Royal Liverpool Hospital

Campaigners have formed a ring around the Royal Liverpool Hospital in protest at the ongoing funding crisis affecting NHS organisations. Hospitals in Liverpool, in common with many throughout the NHS system, have faced an unprecedented demand for services during the winter. Two Merseyside NHS trusts have already gone on black alert, being unable to guarantee emergency care. The demonstration will be run by the Labour party, with the intention of putting pressure on Theresa May and Jeremy... Readmore

Fifty-two Hospital Trusts Forced to Redirect Ambulances

The latest NHS figures indicate that the health service has recently experienced the busiest week in its history. And this resulted in record numbers of hospitals being forced to relocate patients and declare major alerts. Fifty-two hospital trusts had to send ambulances elsewhere between 8th and 15th January. This is nearly double the same figure from last year, according to NHS England. Meanwhile, 68 trusts – 45% of the 152 in total in England – declared an alert last week. NHS... Readmore

Scottish NHS Heading for Breakdown According to Top GP

The most eminent doctor in Scotland has suggested that the Scottish health system is heading towards an absolute breakdown. Dr Peter Bennie, chair of BMA Scotland, indicated his belief that the system in Scotland is currently stretched to breaking point. Yet Bennie also believes that the government in the nation tends to pretend that everything is okay, and is effectively misleading the general public. Just last week Nicola Sturgeon had argued that the Scottish NHS was performing better... Readmore

Health Chief Warns that Tory Cuts Could Finish the NHS

One of the most important individuals in the NHS has opined that austerity policies being operated by the Conservative party could lead to the end of the NHS that we are familiar with. The crisis gripping the cash-strapped health service could “bring into question is the entire sustainability of the NHS model”, Chris Hopson commented. And speaking before MPs, Chief Executive Simon Stevens blamed ministers for failing to invest satisfactorily in the health service. Several authoritative... Readmore

Adults Being Treated in Children’s Wards due to NHS Crisis

The crisis engulfing the NHS system is so severe that many hospitals are completely running out of beds and being forced to treat adult patients on wards usually reserved for children. This is just the latest example of the unprecedented demand for care caused by what could be considered a growing winter crisis. Numerous hospitals across the healthcare system have resorted to this emergency measure, with reports flooding in from all over the country of such efforts. For example, Croydon... Readmore

Detailed MRI scans Advocated by Medical Research

Researchers from several British universities have produced a study which suggests that combining an MRI scan with ultrasounds could prevent misdiagnosis. The study was conducted by researchers from The University of Sheffield, the University of Newcastle, the University of Birmingham, Birmingham Women's Foundation Trust, and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. Funding was provided by the National Institute for Health Research Health Technology Assessment Programme. Scientists involved in the research... Readmore

Labour MP Suggests NHS Funding Should Entirely Come from National Insurance

A senior Labour MP has suggested that the NHS should be funded entirely via National Insurance contributions. Frank Field made this comment during a submission to a parliamentary enquiry into health service funding. The Labour MP believes that the NHS is currently on extremely shaky foundations, and suggests that adjustment should be made to National Insurance in order to address the situation. An immediate one penny increase in National Insurance and further reforms to the tax would help... Readmore
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